Project Edan™ is the charity of the official Peter Wingfield Fan Club. All content and images (except where noted) on this Web site are copyright © 1995-2014 PWFC. No permission is granted to post photos or information to any other Web site or blog without written permission from Project Edan. Project Edan Corner I would like to thank everyone who responded to the  devastating flooding in Pakistan with a donation to Project  Edan.  As of this writing, we have just sent a contribution to  UNICEF for $1,600 with donations made in celebration of  Peter’s birthday to benefit this latest emergency.  Peter has  been very busy in the last few weeks and unable to put  together a video message but has just “tweeted” his concerns  and a plea for donations:  “It’s Friday.  Maybe been a tough week.  Heading out for a little  sustaining beverage shortly.   Let me ask you to drink to the  children in Pakistan.  Been in contact with UNICEF this week  and they are seriously worried!  They are there with supplies  and the infrastructure is ok, but the problem is immense.  6  million children affected.  First outbreaks of cholera already  seen.  They are desperate for clean water.  So just consider, if  you would, making the first drink a half instead of a pint; a  small wine instead of a large glass.  And send a dollar to help.   It’ll make the rest of the weekend feel just that little more  blessed and glorious.”     The scale of the disaster in Pakistan caused by heavy monsoon  rains and floods is massive. One-fifth of the country is now  underwater.  15.4 million people have been affected by the  floods…6 million of those are children.  The consequences of  the flooding for Pakistan's poorest and most vulnerable people  are very serious.  And the most vulnerable of all, the children,  are at the greatest risk.  They cannot control their thirst, so  they drink dirty water. That puts them at risk of dysentery,  diarrhea, cholera and other water-borne diseases. Marooned in  tent villages, or wandering alone, many of them are  traumatized.  As the world comes to grip with the scale of destruction and  misery left in the aftermath of Pakistan's worst-ever natural  disaster, UNICEF is there.  Below are just a few details of   Issue 56 - 3rd Quarter 2010 UNICEF's efforts to date that I pulled from the latest situation report: Clean drinking water provided to 1 million people every day;  Oral rehydration salts and zinc tablets distributed to help 5  million people at risk of diarrhea and disease;  Vaccinations for measles and polio initiated in the more populated  districts impacted by flooding;  High energy biscuits, dry rations and powdered milk distributed to  women and children; and  Soap and hygiene kits distributed to more than 30,000 families.  I join Peter and Carolyn in asking for whatever you can afford to  give.  It’s hard in these difficult economic times, but thanks to the  generosity and compassion of you all, Project Edan continues to make  a difference to children around the globe.  To date, our total  contributions for 2010 stand at $13,638. You guys rock!  As you probably know, Ree and I are designing a new Project Edan  website.  Peter has approved the new layout and projected design,  but we still have lots of work to do to make this happen.  We hope to  be able to feature fundraising efforts of all types on the page, both  some that can be done and some that have been done by all of you.   This will require your involvement to make happen.  We are looking  for ideas and things that you’ve done to raise money for Project  Edan.  Don’t be shy!  We hope that your ideas and stories will inspire  others to help.  If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at or Ree at      Bev Shihara Project Edan Coordinator