Project Edan™ is the charity of the official Peter Wingfield Fan Club. All content and images (except where noted) on this Web site are copyright © 1995-2010 PWFC. No permission is granted to post photos or information to any other Web site or blog without written permission from Project Edan. Project Edan Corner The PWFC held its annual Fall Auction in November.   There were many unique items up for bid and we ended up  raising $3,552 for Project Edan.   I would like to thank  everyone who participated, both the bidders and those  who donated items, for making this fundraising event such  a success.   This brings our current yearly donations to  $17,833! We have a couple new ‘must have’ items available for  purchase – our first Project Edan Holiday Ornament and  the 2010 Holiday Greeting cards.   First is a beautiful  ceramic ornament with the full color design from our  2009 Holiday card printed on the ornament and tied with  a bright red ribbon for hanging.  Dated with one line for  Project Edan 2010, this would make a great collectible  item for you, a family member or a friend this holiday.  It  is a limited edition ornament, with only 55 being made for  our inaugural year.  Second, capturing the joy of the  winter season with a set of unusual snowmen, the 2010  holiday card was selected from several entries by Peter  Wingfield and his family.  The card celebrates diversity  and the commonality of all people.  The message inside is  simply:  “May the joy of the season warm your holidays.”   You can order these items on our new Store page at  Project Edan: .   The continued generosity of our Club members is helping  support UNICEF’s latest efforts in Haiti and Pakistan.    Those of you who follow Peter on Twitter probably saw  his tweet on the threat of cholera in Haiti.  The latest  report I received from UNICEF has confirmed that a  cholera outbreak is endangering Haiti’s most vulnerable.    Issue 57 - 4th Quarter 2010 As of 12 November 14,642 cases and 917 deaths had been  reported.  With little to no sanitation and poor hygiene practices,  flooding caused by the Hurricane has accelerated transmission  patterns for cholera in the area.  Nearly half of all children in  Haiti still have no access to sanitation facilities and approximately  one in 5 children lacks access to a safe drinking water source. Because Haiti has not had cholera for 100 years, it was not  considered a health priority. Limited financial and other resources  required that authorities concentrate on diseases determined to  be a more immediate threat.  The source of the outbreak is still  unknown. UNICEF's priority is the containment of the disease.   UNICEF has been working with the government, UN partners and  NGOs, with the aim to cover 5,000 schools and 554 residential  care centers with hygiene promotion, soap, access to safe water  (through the use of Aquatabs® and/or chlorination) and the  maintenance of sanitation.  Prior to the outbreak, UNICEF and  partners constructed a reported 14,763 latrines and 5,549  showers, distributed more than 7,000 cubic meters per day of  chlorinated water and trained 4,035 hygiene promoters that are  working in camps.  I mentioned in the last issue of LFT that Ree and I are re-  designing the Project Edan website.  Well, we’re almost ready for  the launch.  Peter has approved the design and layout and we are  just finalizing.  If you visited the PE Store link above you were  treated to a preview of what’s to come.  As I mentioned, we hope  to be able to feature fundraising efforts of our members.  We are  looking for things that you’ve done to raise money for Project Edan  and any fundraising ideas that you have for the club.  If you have  any questions or input, you can e-mail me at   or Ree at  Bev Shihara, Project Edan Coordinator