Project Edan™ is the charity of the official Peter Wingfield Fan Club. All content and images (except where noted) on this Web site are copyright © 1995-2010 PWFC. No permission is granted to post photos or information to any other Web site or blog without written permission from Project Edan. Project Edan Corner Earlier this month we held our annual online Spring Auction  which raised $1,261.50 for Project Edan. This auction saw a  variety of items ranging from the most recent Paris Comic  Con items back to DVDs from Peter’s work in the Medics   series. Photo books seem to be popular items…we had one  from the PWFC San Antonio Con and another from the Paris  Comic Con.  I was mighty tempted myself even though I took  the photos in Paris.  If you think about it, you take all these  pictures and how many times do you actually open the folder  on your computer and go through your  pictures?  For myself, I’m more likely  to pull a book off the shelf and look  through it.  I considered trying one  myself but couldn’t narrow it down to a  reasonable amount of photos to  include…since I liked them all.  Many  thanks to all who participated in  bidding and congratulations to our  winners. This was also a quarter where we again  saw disaster as a devastating  earthquake and tsunami hit north-eastern Japan and left  thousands of children without homes and in desperate need of  essential supplies, medical and psychosocial support.  The  tsunami washed away entire coastal communities.  The  situation was further compounded by the radiation concerns  from damaged nuclear plants.  Japan, a significant contributor  to UNICEF’s efforts since 1955, desperately needed help in  the aftermath of such destruction.  Thank you to all who  answered the call and made a donation to help these  vulnerable children…Project Edan raised $1,085.  The  generosity of people in times like these is amazing.  UNICEF  received overwhelming support and contributions in the weeks  following the tragedy and I have been told that, although the  Japan Committee for UNICEF continues with relief efforts in  the area, additional funds are no longer needed. We all know that UNICEF is still the leader when it comes to  emergency and disaster relief efforts for children.  They  provide both immediate and long–term necessities—food,  water, shelter, education and protection.  But unless you are a  UNICEF staff member or volunteer in the field you don’t  really see what your contribution is providing.  Recently I was  fortunate to be a guest at a U.S. Fund for UNICEF exclusive  fundraising launch party, an event co-chaired by Vern Yip,  UNICEF Ambassador, and John Terracino. This event,  attended by many prominent Atlanta philanthropists and  business leaders, raised over half a million dollars. We were  the first to see The UNICEF Experience, an exhibition which  showcased UNICEF’s lifesaving work around the world  through interactive exhibits in Water & Sanitation, Health,  Education and Emergency Relief. Issue 59 - 2nd Quarter 2011  Inside the UNICEF Tent you were able to view the world through  the eyes of children around the globe.  Guests had the opportunity  to see and touch some of UNICEF’s lifesaving tools and purchase  these “Inspired Gifts” that save the lives of children around the  world without leaving Atlanta.  Items on display included HIV Test  Kit, First Aid Kit, Micronutrient Powder, Oral Rehydration Salts,  School-in-the-Box, Water Pumps, etc.  Ever wonder what  Plumpy’nut, a high-protein, peanut-based paste supplied in a ready-  to-use packet, looks like?  Just three of these packets a day save  the lives of children.  A gift of $74.38 provides for 50  malnourished children a day. There was a “wishing well” that was  filled by guests dropping in $10  tokens that would supply water  pumps to countries in need of safe  drinking water with a world map  that showed our water use  compared to that of a child in sub-  Saharan Africa.  I had a chance to  carry a bucket…its weight  representative of those carried for  at least a mile by women fetching  water in the developing world.   There were personal stories  everywhere about lives that had  been impacted by UNICEF’s efforts at reducing the mortality  rate of children.  The exhibit, including the “wishing well”, remained on display to  the public for a week.  UNICEF is looking into the possibility of  taking at least parts of the exhibit to other locations.  If you get  a chance to see it, do it.  For the past several months UNICEF has been working on online  tool kits for its NGO supporters and PWFC now has a dedicated  platform where members can donate online directly and donations  are automatically credited to PWFC/Project Edan.  A big plus here  is that donating directly on the UNICEF page will allow you to take  the tax deduction.   The page is located here PWFC NGO   ( .  If you wish to use this  feature, please keep in mind that any donation you make must be  initiated from the PWFC NGO page.  There is a light blue  highlighted square in the middle of the page with the heading  ‘Believe in Zero’ and a link underneath that says ‘Please donate  online here’.  Click here and it will take you to a donation form that  credits PWFC/Project Edan.  I should receive a notification when  anyone makes a donation but I would appreciate it if you would e-  mail me at so I can make sure your donation  is properly credited.  Finally, as you probably know by now, Peter has gotten together  with some friends and decided to participate in Tough Mudder in  Northern California which supports the amazing works of the  Wounded Warrior Program.  I applaud Peter and his team for  supporting this program.  I’ve been to the one in Atlanta and  it’s…brutal is the word that comes to mind!  Ree talks more about  Tough Mudder in this newsletter.  We are currently working with  Peter on a way to tie this to UNICEF and will let everyone know.   Anyone up for a Roadtrip??    Bev Shihara Project Edan Director Caryl Stern, Bev Shihara, Vern Yip