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Project Edan Corner Bev Shihara Project Edan Director While in New York City earlier this month, Ree, Vicky and I met  with Kate Weber and Lacey Stone from UNICEF.  Many of you  remember Kate from the two PWFC conventions she was able to  attend.  Kate is still in the same office but has taken over as  Director of Project Eliminate, a UNICEF/Kiwanis five-year  campaign aimed at eliminating  Maternal Neonatal Tetanus around  the globe and Lacey Stone has  replaced her as the new NGO  Director.  We lunched at a little  restaurant near UNICEF as Kate  regaled Lacey with stories from the  PWFC events she attended – she  still marvels at the auctions we hold  to raise money for Project Edan.   Though not directly over the NGOs  anymore, Kate will always be a fan  of Peter and the club.  She was  overjoyed to learn that Peter had  made the decision to return to  medical school and become a  doctor.  Kate and her niece also  joined us the next night for an  enjoyable evening of theatre and coffee.  We were in New York  over September 11th, but in spite of all the increased security and  crowds, we managed to squeeze in 6 Broadway shows…I think  Ree did 8.  Both Kate and Lacey asked me to pass on their thanks for  Project Edan’s continued support of UNICEF’s efforts and most  recently to everyone who has responded to the crisis in the Horn  of Africa with a donation to Project Edan.      The Horn of Africa is experiencing the worst crisis in 6 decades  due to drought, soaring food prices and armed conflict.  The  United Nations has declared famine in six regions and more than  10 million people are in crisis…hundreds of children are dying  every day.  The most urgent needs are for therapeutic feeding,  vitamin supplementation, immunization, water and sanitation  services and child protection.  Despite the challenges of  operating in this war-torn area, UNICEF and its partners have set  up 800 nutrition centers in Somalia and are providing therapeutic  feeding to children severely malnourished through high-energy,  ready-to-use therapeutic foods that are rich in essential proteins  and vitamins.  Due to the desperate situation in the south, people  continue moving by the thousands to neighboring countries –  almost 1,000 Somalia children arrive in Kenya and Ethiopia each  day and those who survive the arduous journey are in appalling  condition with 47% acutely malnourished.  UNICEF now supports  24 mobile units that come with a team of five and fresh medical  and nutritional supplies stacked in the back of a jeep that crosses  the desert daily to reach remote villages.  The teams provide  vaccinations, water purification chemicals, monitoring and  treatment of malnutrition and neonatal support for pregnant and  nursing mothers.  But this is not just a food crisis.  Compounded  by malnutrition and poor sanitation, the risk of communicable  disease outbreaks like cholera, measles and polio is high.   UNICEF’s water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions  include a massive scale-up at supported nutrition centers and  distribution of clean water and water purification tablets in areas  already affected by cholera.  UNICEF is also strengthening  immunization coverage, with emphasis on measles, polio,   Issue 60- 3rd Quarter 2011 pneumonia and diarrhea.  The campaign provides children under age  five with vaccinations against measles and polio, as well as vitamin A  and de-worming tablets.  These children need our help.  As many of you know, we have kicked off our matching fund  campaign which will run through the end of the year.  Two donors  have each donated $500 towards a base fund for a matching fund of  $1,000.  The challenge now is to match this base amount twice to give  us a total of $3000 contributed to Project Edan.   Because of the  desperate situation in the Horn of Africa,  our support of UNICEF is now being  directed to this campaign and your  contributions will help save the lives of  these children who struggle for survival.   All donations, large or small, are greatly  appreciated and will go toward our  matching fund campaign.  For more on  this fund-raising challenge, [go here]:  Donors in the U.S. and Canada may  continue to donate through the direct link  on UNICEF’s PWFC NGO page if they  choose and donations will still count  toward Project Edan and our matching  fund drive.    We can make a difference.  We are  making a difference!  The number of  children who die each day from easily preventable causes has again  dropped - from 22,000 to 21,000.  UNICEF and World Health  Organization have just released a report from the UN Inter-agency  Group for Child Mortality that show a 35% decline in the under-five  mortality rate globally from 1990 to 2010 – that is a decline of 12,000  children every day.  As mortality rates have fallen sharply elsewhere,  there is an increasing disparity between the areas of Sub-Saharan  Africa and South Asia compared to the rest of the world.  The highest  rates of child mortality are still in Sub-Saharan Africa where 1 in 8  children dies before the age of 5.  About half of all under-five deaths  occur in only five countries: India, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the  Congo, Pakistan and China and over 70% of these deaths occur  within the first year of life.   Overall, there has been substantial  progress made but we still have much to do…there are still 7.6 million  children who are dying needlessly each year.  Project Edan continues  to support UNICEF’s efforts in doing whatever it takes to reduce the  number of children under five who die each day to zero.   And a final word - our Fall Auction is just around the corner.  I haven’t  seen the list yet but I’m sure there’ll be many must-have items for  your bidding pleasure.  All proceeds go to Project Edan so join us for  the fun!   Lacey Stone, Bev and Kate Weber at a lunchtime visit. PWFC Vice President and President visit NYC in September.