Project Edan™ is the charity of the official Peter Wingfield Fan Club. All content and images (except where noted) on this Web site are copyright © 1995-2010 PWFC. No permission is granted to post photos or information to any other Web site or blog without written permission from Project Edan. Project Edan Corner It was wonderful seeing everyone who decided to make the journey to Burlington and support Peter as he ran the last half of this year's KeyBank Vermont City Marathon and Relay in support of Steps to Wellness.  It was a wet weekend but there were breaks in the rain for the fans as Peter ran past Battery Park and then again at the finish line.  A good time was had by all as we had a chance to visit with old friends and even meet a few new fans at their first event.   Thank you to all who donated to support the UVM College of Medicine Marathon team's fundraising efforts.  Even though we started our fundraising a little late, we still managed to raise $611.00 for Steps to Wellness, a medically based rehabilitation and research program that serves the unique needs of Cancer Survivors and is located at the Vermont Cancer Center.  Peter is very passionate in his support of this program and appreciates all donations made in his name. Donations to Project Edan for the year so far total $2,841.93.  I would like to join Peter in thanking everyone for your overwhelming generosity and continued support of Project Edan.  Together, we are helping UNICEF make a difference in the lives of children. A year ago we launched a fundraising effort to support Project Eliminate, a UNICEF/Kiwanis International campaign to eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) worldwide by 2015.  Tetanus is an excruciating disease that kills one newborn every nine minutes, or approximately 160 babies each day. Typically contracted through unhygienic childbirth practices, the disease is swift, cruel and lethal.  But it is also highly preventable. An affordable vaccine given to women of childbearing age can stop tetanus. Issue 67- 3rd Quarter 2013 The women and newborns most at risk live in areas scarred by poverty, poor medical infrastructure or humanitarian crises.  Just three doses of a 60-cent immunization protect women from tetanus, who pass on the immunity to their future babies. Globally, the progress toward eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) has been nothing short of remarkable.  In 2000, MNT was a public health threat in 59 countries. Thanks to the efforts of UNICEF and partners, we have now surpassed the halfway point.  With the recent news of elimination in Iraq and Coté D'Ivoire, MNT has now been eliminated in 31 of those 59 countries.  The worldwide march toward global elimination keeps picking up pace!  No mother should have to watch her baby die of a cause we know how to prevent, and together we will protect the connection between a mother and her child. Bev Shihara Project Edan Coordinator Mother in Haiti receives tetanus vaccination UNICEF Photo