Project Edan™ is the charity of the official Peter Wingfield Fan Club. All content and images (except where noted) on this Web site are copyright © 1995-2010 PWFC. No permission is granted to post photos or information to any other Web site or blog without written permission from Project Edan. Here’s a shot of Ree looking “as close as I can get to Elphaba in ‘Wicked’. “ You, too, can do this, so go have fun!  If you buy a photo, the money goes to a great cause and it’s still tax deductible.  For over sixty decades, UNICEF has used Halloween for fund raising via their “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF” children-oriented campaign.  Since October 31 is the National UNICEF Day, it is a natural fit.  This year, they have an additional project - the Halloween Costume Party! It’s a fun and easy way to donate to UNICEF while getting a cool picture of yourself (or maybe someone else) in a great costume.  Peter Wingfield as a pirate?  Awesome.  Check it out below: You can also add color filters to give your photo a vintage or spooky look.  Visit UNICEF’s Costume Party page to see all the options.  If you select one of the paid costume options, the donation will help children in need.  Want to do it, but you’re too shy to use your own photo?  Here’s a couple of Peter (to the right) that you can slip into a new costume for the holiday.  Click on the photo for the larger image, then save to your computer. When you’re done, upload your costume creations to the Project Edan Facebook page where we can all admire them.  UNICEF, Project Edan and Halloween Go Together