Project Edan™ is the charity of the official Peter Wingfield Fan Club. All content and images (except where noted) on this Web site are copyright © 1995-2010 PWFC. No permission is granted to post photos or information to any other Web site or blog without written permission from Project Edan. Peter Wingfield Is Running the Vermont Marathon With University of Vermont Medical College Team Peter Wingfield joins his medical school’s marathon team for the KeyBank Burlington Vermont Marathon on Sunday, May 27, 2012.  Here is what Peter says: Turns out your Grandma was right. All the research confirms it. The more we understand how things work (with ever more clarity on the molecular level) the more obvious it becomes that going outside to play was indeed great advice. Exercise changes everything. It alters things inside your cells. It helps the body fight diabetes, fight depression, fight osteoporosis…it even fights cancer. The "Steps to Wellness" program in Vermont is geared towards this huge health benefit in its program for cancer survivors. This is what they have to say: "Steps to Wellness is a medically based rehabilitation program that serves the unique needs of Cancer Survivors. The program includes a physical therapy evaluation, medical assessment, individualized exercise plan, and education. Currently, the free exercise program that Steps to Wellness offers at the end of treatment is 12 weeks long and is two days per week. Steps to Wellness also offers several seminars each month on diverse topics related to survivorship, including: nutrition, stress management and acupuncture." They are our medical school's nominated charity for the 2012 Burlington Marathon in May. With the money we raise, Dr. Kim Dittus and her colleagues are hoping to hire another physical therapist and improve the hours of gym availability. The purpose of Dr. Dittus's research is to identify the longitudinal  changes that occur in strength and ability to be functionally active during and after cancer therapy. Check out their website at: And for more information on how you can support the charity, see my marathon page by clicking here. For more information about the Vermont Marathon, visit their web page here.