Made with Xara PWFC Online Charity Auctions The PWFC runs an annual on-line auction in the Fall.  If a convention is held, there will also be a live auction at the convention. Last year’s Fall auction raised over $2000 for Project Edan!  Our next auction will be coming up beginning on November 4 and run through November 10, 2013.  Information and a list of items is on the PWFC web site at the auction pages.. Our prior auction was heldlast November and  featured items from the San Diego Comic Con convention, photo books and a few unique items from Peter’s work.  Usually, the club tries to auction items that tie in to Peter Wingfield and his friends -- people like Jim Brynes, David Abramowitz, Mark Deklin, and Adrian Paul - for these fundraisers.  At the most recent online auction, the items included photo books from the PWFC San Antonio convention and from the Paris Comic Con as well as a Skype group chat with Peter for three lucky bidders. Thanks to the generosity of Peter’s fans and other bidders, the Fall 2012 auction earned over $2000 for Project Edan.   While the majority of the money raised in the auctions are designated for Project Edan, with only a small percent going to the PWFC to help fund the club activities and buy more items, a few auctions are 100% (minus any PayPal fees) to the charity.  In turn, Project Edan donates this to money to our designated chairty.  For this year, 2013 and until July 2014, all money raised will go to the Boston Children’s Hospital.  No money is retained by Project Edan on any donations.  All staff at both the PWFC and Project Edan are volunteers.