Project Edan™ is the charity of the official Peter Wingfield Fan Club. All content and images (except where noted) on this Web site are copyright © 1995-2010 PWFC. No permission is granted to post photos or information to any other Web site or blog without written permission from Project Edan. UNICEF Presentation to the PWFC (Written by Monica for LFT—The Magazine of the PWFC) The PWFC was invited, as a thank you for our donations, to attend an informational meeting with UNICEF on June 12th, 2003. Katie McKenna and Kate Weber, two of the NGO UNICEF representatives, were warm and gracious with their time as well as with their thanks. Peter Wingfield and his family, as well as all members of the PWFC, were given this very classy plaque as a thank you on behalf of its contribution to the AIDS/HIV Orphans program. The plaque says: Presented to The Peter Wingfield Fan Club Project Edan in grateful recognition of the love and compassion demonstrated toward the world’s children especially those children orphaned by HIV/AIDS U.S. Fund for UNICEF June 12, 2003 There were many relevant facts discussed at this meeting. Kate and Katie both had a lot of info they wanted to make sure we knew about as we were curious how the donated money was being utilized. The 7 PWFC members that attended had questions as well. I had a question posed by a club member that I asked that led to an intriguing answer. The member’s question was whether there were other ways to help AIDS/HIV orphans other than with monetary donations. The answer, as well as one of the more interesting aspects of the timing of this meeting, was the fact that the UNICEF program is on the cusp of launching an advocacy/educational push in this country and abroad. Not only do they want to actively engage members of the community through outreach programs but the members of UNICEF want to create an effective branch of their organization dedicated to engage people who are not aware of the problems right here at home. This is one reason Kate and Katie were so delighted in our contribution and our interest. Of course none of this would have been initiated without Peter and Carolyn’s wish to give back a little of what they consider their good fortune. And it is our good fortune to be involved in a club that emulates their generosity.