Made with Xara Fund Raising Is An On-Going Project With any charity, fund raising is a something that happens continuously.  At Project Edan, we are always working to come up with ways to bring in more donations and more people donating.  For a charity that has relied largely on the fan base of an actor, we have done remarkably well at raising money and that is purely thanks to the generosity and dedication of Peter’s fans. Our goal is to involve more people in this process and to reach out to those who may have never heard of Peter but can see that Project Edan is working to make a difference in the world.  While people can donate directly to UNICEF, we ask you to go through Project Edan so that it, too, can grow, gain more recognition and help to bring in even more money to charity.  In the past, we have had matching funds drives that have relied on a sponsor putting up a set amount of money and asking others to match that donation in order to get the full amount.  These have been very successful and we hope to be doing another in 2011.  At this time, Project Edan is a $10,000 level NGO sponsor of UNICEF.  Often our annual donation exceeds that level and we want to keep it that way.  The matching funds drives help us to do that.  In 2009, Peter ran in the New York ING Marathon on Team UNICEF and the club responded in two ways.  One was to sponsor Peter in the run by becoming a $5,000 dollar sponsor for UNICEF.  The other way was to encourage all of Peter’s fans to donate to his race on the UNICEF web site.  Working with UNICEF, we were able to ensure that the donations made to Peter were credited to Project Edan’s account.  One more thing the PWFC did was to encourage members to start their own marathon project and pledge donations based on their success - whether it was weight loss, exercise or another personal goal.  Through this activity additional money was donated to Project Edan and the members achieved their goals.  Current Project Edan fundraising initiative is the Double Matching Fun for 2011.  Learn more here.