Raises Thousands of Dollars for Project Edan The Peter Wingfield Fan Club's live auction at the San Antonio Convention in 2010 raised $8,121 for the club's charity.  In turn, this money was donated directly to UNICEF in Project Edan's name.  Taking place on Sunday afternoon, May 2nd, the auction was a lively, fun event at the convention.  To start it off, Peter Wingfield and his ten-year-old son Edan, who was attending   his first club convention, auctioned off a UNICEF balloon ball of the world.  They had been playing with the ball on Friday night at the "Meet and Greet" and Edan decided to contribute it to the convention.  Although he signed the ball, Edan confessed that he'd made a mistake in signing his name and it was a little messy; but that didn't deter the bids on the item.  A budding musician, Edan was already gaining appreciation with the fan club members after his performance with his dad on Saturday night, so this item was a unique and special prize for the winner.  But it didn't stop there as several more items were auctioned by Peter with Edan ably assisting him on stage.   Most of the items auctioned related to Peter's work in some way.  A very special and unique item offered for bidding was the space blanket from the New York City ING Marathon that Peter ran in November 2009, along with his numbered bib from that race, which were signed by Peter.     Another item was a matted collection of three photos of Peter from the marathon weekend, which featured the number 1 photo of 35 that Peter had taken to raise money for the marathon fund raising for UNICEF.  After Peter had auctioned several items, he took a break, turning the stage over to Jeananne Goossen, the lovely Canadian actress who co-starred with Peter in SyFy Channel's latest version of Riverworld.  New to fan conventions, Jeananne picked up quickly on the auction plan and hawked the next six items that included two books that related to her character of Tomoe Gozin in the mini- series.  She autographed these items as well as adding the Japanese characters for her name to the inscription.  Again, Edan stayed to help Jeananne auction by holding items up.  Taking the stage next was handsome Mark Deklin, who played Sam Clemens in the Riverworld mini-series, and was on the short-lived series, Lone Star.  He also enlisted the young Mr. Wingfield's aid in auctioning the items he had.  Those included a soft cover book called “The Quotable Mark Twain” from which he read several examples in his best Twain voice - the more he read, the higher the bidding went.   Mark brought his considerable charm also to auction the Texas t-shirt that was autographed by all the stars at the convention.   Completing his five items, he yielded the stage to writer/producer David Abramowitz. David is a delight on stage and often bursts into song as he is selling.  He started with a Highlander the Source jacket before moving on to a beautiful coffee table book of “National Geographic's Journeys of a Lifetime”.  Since David is such a world traveler, this seemed appropriate.  Another hot item was a small booklet on War of the Worlds, Goliath, signed by the producers, writer and Peter, who is the voice of the lead character in the upcoming animated movie.  Like the others, David benefitted from Edan's assistance.  When Peter returned to the auction, he immediately pointed to Edan and asked,   "Has he been offstage at all?"  Amid much laughter, Edan pointed out that it was for charity.  For all of us attending the convention, we were honored to see Edan's involvement in the charity named for him and were almost as proud of his enthusiasm and commitment as his dad was.  It's obvious his son is growing up with the same values his parents have.  Peter assisted David  in auctioning off his last two Highlander items,   a signed copy of the Reunion DVD and of the Methos Rocks DVD.  Then Peter paused to say that he had been watching the "Believe in Zero" DVD in his room and wanted to remind everyone of what this auction was all about and how the money we were raising would go to UNICEF to help with this program.  Peter's commitment to the charity is obvious and heartfelt.   At this point he launched into auctioning off some really special items:  scraps of paper with his acting notes from Caprica, Sir Richard Bearton (a teddy bear dressed as  his Riverworld character) and an amazing framed needlepoint of Peter's character in The Last Sin Eater. In a year where many of the fan club members were, like the rest of the U.S. and other countries, financially challenged, the generosity of the convention attendees and delightful auctioning skills of our guests equaled an amazing amount of money raised for UNICEF. All photos taken by Vicky S., Copyright PWFC Used with permission.