Made with Xara Photo Magnets Magnets can go on any metal surface and can brighten up your day.  Use the calendar magnet for a quick reference when planning your days. We have a limited number of two designs of photo magnets of Peter Wingfield.  Both  magnets are business card sized, about 2x3”.  The cost of each is $5.00 and includes shipping within the United States and Canada.  For overseas orders, they are $6.00 each.             Magnet #1 Magnet #2   Photo Magnet 2014 Calendar This s a handy, postcard sized calendar with a photo of Peter on it.  After the year is over, cut the photo off and throw away the calendar part and you’ll have a great photo magnet.
Photo Magnet #1
Photo Magnet #2
Photo Calendar Magnet
Set of 5 Photos of Peter Wingfield An assorted set of photos from various photo sessions with Peter in recent years.  Each photo is a 4x6 print.  Full set is $15  plus $1.50 in shipping US and Canada ($16.50) and $3.50 in shipping overseas ($18.50). Sample Sample Sample Click on image for larger view.
Photo Set 2013 - 5 pictures
8x10 Photo of Peter removing shirt  - $15 plus shipping This wonderful photo of Peter was taken in a photo session by Tony Salgado and is exclusive to the PWFC.   Tony also took on-set photos during the filming of 10,000 Days. All proceeds from this photo will benefit Boston Children’s Hospital via Peter’s fundraising page. Note to International Shoppers:  Mailing expenses to Canada overseas are high.  If you are buying more than one 8x10 photo, please contact and I will try to combine items to get a lower shipping rate.  Two or more 8x10’s can go Priority Mail for less than two individual shipping charges.  Expenses for mailing photos are high because in order to keep the postal service from bending them, they need to be shipped with stiffeners or cardboard to make it difficult to fold.  The post office takes advantage of this by charging the higher package rate. Sample Personalized Photo of Peter Wingfield Peter will personalize and sign either of the two 8x10 photos below for $35 plus shipping.  US shipping is $3.50 ($38.50), Canada is $8.00 ($43) and overseas is $18.00 ($53). If you are ordering more than one or any other 8x10 or other photos, please contact me at to see if we can get a lower shipping rate.
8x10 Shirt Off
Sample Sample
Personalized photos
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