Made with Xara Fundraising is something that groups or individuals can do any time and in many different ways.  Part of the idea of Project Edan fundraising is that it doesn’t matter how large or how small a donation is, all of the money combined can make a difference.  So if it’s a garage sale that only raises $20 dollars and it combines with a bake sale that raises $18, that still means $38 going to help a child whose life may depend on a 50 cent vaccination or clean water and those dollars can mean life or death to these children.  So on this page, we plan to give your ideas on a regular basis of what you can do to raise money individually or as a small group by featuring ideas that some of our supporters have done to raise money and awareness of Project Edan and UNICEF’s work. Percentage Donations Have a small business that makes items for sale on the Internet?  If you make or sell items on the Internet, you can designate a small percentage of the profit from these items to go to charity and make a monthly or quarterly donation with the profit from those items to Project Edan. One of the PWFC members sells handmade jewelry though an eBay store and donates a percentage of every sale to Project Edan.  Those little donations add up to almost $100 in one year. Donate Items to the Charity Auctions Another amateur jewelry maker has donated a few items to the PWFC auctions.  With custom jewelry, especially one that reflects the PWFC or Project Edan, the items are special to the folks bidding on these auctions so they bring in a nice winning bid. One of the PWFC members, Judy Glaser, is an artist and creates hand painted rocks that have sold to celebrities, musicians and just plain folk.  She donated a couple of these rocks to the PWFC that had designs of particular interest to the club members for one of the auctions.  Judy also donated two unique paintings done in giclee that featured Peter Wingfield in his role of Methos. These items were popular in the bidding.  If you make something unique that can be auctioned, you can contact the PWFC auction coordinator to arrange to donate it.