On January 12, 2010 a 7.3 earthquake devastated Haiti and caused a horrible loss of life there. Many people were severely injured and even more at imminent risk due to lack of water, food and medicines. UNICEF responded immediately to begin providing medicines, clean water and shelter to the homeless.  While their efforts helped to save many lives, the work continues in this country.  UNICEF is still there and still making a difference. The donations through Project Edan helped out in this critical time and they are still helping where needed. In August 2010, Pakistan suffered from the worst flooding that country has ever experienced.  Again, UNICEF was there to begin helping to provide clean water, medicines and other necessary items to help the displaced to survive.  And again, the supporters of Project Edan and the PWFC rallied to help provide needed funds in this emergency.  Our dollars may not be as abundant as some of the bigger organizations, but banding together, even the small donations can go do great work.  The work goes on in both of these countries.  You can donate to Project Edan and help us support UNICEF’s efforts or you can donate directly to UNICEF on their web site.  Either way, your donation will be working hard to help children who are in deperate need. Donate to UNICEF by going to their web site (www.unicefusa.org or www.unicef.org for other countries). Donations of any amount are needed and appreciated. Please listen to Peter Wingfield's message and reach out the hand of friendship with aid to these two countries. Peter’s Plea for Aid to Haiti
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